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Lecture AUC: Cancer metastasis and invasion

Lecture AUC: Angiogenesis

Lecture VUMC: Angiogenesis and immunity

Lecture VUMC: Angiogenesis

Lecture VUMC - Personalized Medicine

Lecture LUMC - Angiogenesis and Immunity


2009 MSc courpresentations/For%20the%20web%20college%20personalized%20medicine%20VUMC%20%5BCompatibility%20Mode%5D.pdfse oncology: Innovative Tumor Therapies

Literature discussion (Also available on Blackboard)


virtual angiogenesis laboratory Amsterdam

Perform virtual angiogenesis research and discover a new angiostatic drug



For information on eduction or internships within the Angiogenesis Laboratory Amsterdam please contact Prof. Dr. AW Griffioen