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Angiogenesis Laboratory Amsterdam 


Angiogenesis is a key process in cancer. It is therefore a target in the development of novel anti-cancer therapies. The Angiogenesis Laboratory Amsterdam seeks to unravel the fundamental processes and mechanisms underlying angiogenesis and vascular development. The major aim is to use new knowledge and technology for the development of new treatment modalities in the clinic.

   Special Issue of Angiogenesis: Angiogenesis inhibitors in combinatorial approaches.
   Editors: Patrycja Nowak-Sliwinska and Arjan Griffioen

Nowak-Sliwinska  and Griffioen - Angiogenesis inhibitors in combinatorial appraoches - editorial
Kuusk and Bex et al - Angiostatic drugs and immune checkpoint blockade in renal cell cancer
Hamming and Thijssen et al - Angiostatic drugs in combination with radiotherapy
Berndsen and Nowak-Sliwinska et al - Epigenetic approach in angiostatic therapy
Van Beijnum and Griffioen et al - miRNAs the micromanagers of combination therapy
Ramjiawan and Duda et al - Angiostatic drugs in combination with immunotherapy
Bani and Giavazzi et al - TKIs act as p=glycoprotein antagonists; drug resistance

A research team guided by prof Peter Timmerman (PepScan BV) and prof Arjan Griffioen (Angiogenesis Laboratory, VUMC) have developed a peptide-based vaccine directed at VEGF.
The vaccine can eventually replace other VEGF targeted drugs such as Avastin.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci USA in press, 2016

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What's new in angiogenesis?


► Anti-PD-L1 and bevacizumab treatment increases antigen specific T cell migration  Wallin et al. Nat. Comm. 2016.
A vaccine against VEGF Wentink et al. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 2016
► Vessel co-option mediates resistance to angiostatics Frentzas et al, 2016
► Targeting RCC with HIF-2 antagonist Chen et al. Nature 2016

Methods, techniques and models available at the Angiogenesis Laboratory

Sorting of endothelial cells from (tumor) tissues

Gene expression or proteomic profiling of tumor angiogenesis

Microvessel density and proliferating endothelial cell assessment

Angiogenesis assessment in clinical samples

Endothelial cell migration

Assessment of mobility and motility of endothelial cells

3-D endothelial cell tube formation

The workhorse assay of the Angiogenesis Laboratory

2-D endothelial cell tube formation

Rapid screening of compounds



In vivo angiogenesis in the

chorioallantoic membrane of the chicken embryo

Rapid in vivo screening

Molecular profiling of angiogenesis

Species specific detection of >50 angiogenesis genes by real-time quantitative PCR.


Recent research of the Angiogenesis Laboratory

A cancer vaccine against VEGF.

 Wentink et al. Proc.Natl.Adac.Sci USA, 2016.

Rapid identification of optimal drug combinations

Nowak-Sliwinska et al. Nat. Protoc. 2016.

(pdf available upon inclusion in PubMed))

The great escape; the hallmarks of resistance to antiangiogenic therapy.

Van Beijnum et al. Pharm.Rev. 2015.

Vaccination strategy to angiostatic cancer therapy

Wentink et al. BBA Cancer, 2015.

PAI-1 mediates the anti-angiogenic and pro-fibrinolytic effects of 16k-prolactin

Bajou et al, Nat.Med. 2014.

In vivo activity of the ruthenium containing compound RAPTA-C

Weiss et al. Chem. Science 2014


Key papers of the Angiogenesis Laboratory


Galectin-1 is an angiogenic growth factor.

Thijssen et al., Cancer Research, 2010.


IL-21 a new angiogenesis inhibitor

Castermans et al., Blood, 2008


Isolation of tumor endothelial cells

Van Beijnum et al. Nature Protocols, 2008


Quantum dot-based imaging of angiogenesis.

Mulder et al. Nano Letters, 2006.

Novel targets on tumor endothelial cells.

Van Beijnum et al. Blood, 2006.


Galectin-1 the receptor for anginex; a key molecule in angiogenesis

Thijssen et al, PNAS, 2006.


NF-kappaB in angiogenesis inhibition

Tabruyn & Griffioen, Cell Death Diff., 2007



Review papers of the Angiogenesis Laboratory

The great escape; resistance to antiangiogenic therapy.

Van Beijnum et al. Pharm.Rev. 2015.


The quest for optimal angiostatic combination therapy

Griffioen et al. Biochem. Soc. Trans. 2014


Galectins in the vasculature

Thijssen et al. BBA Cancer, 2013


Galectin-9 in tumor biology

Heusschen et al. BBA Cancer, 2013.


Photodynamic therapy

Weiss et al. BBA Cancer, 2012


Angiogenesis inhibition in combination with radiotherapy

Kleibeuker et al. Drug Resist Update, 2012


Role of platelets in angiogenesis

Sabrkhany et al., BBA Cancer, 2011


miRNAs in angiogenesis

Heusschen, BBA Cancer 2010


Signaling in vasculogenic mimicry

Paulis et al. BBA Cancer, 2010

Tumor vasculature, angiogenesis and beyond.

Hillen et al, Cancer Met. Rev., 2008


Angiostasis to improve immunotherapy

Griffioen, Cancer Immunol Immunother, 2008

Castermans et al, BBA Cancer, 2007


Anti-angiogenesis, are we tackling the problem at the right level?

Griffioen, Trends Cardiovasc. Med. 2007


Galectins in the tumor endothelium

Thijssen et al. Blood, 2007


Tumor associated macrophages.

Dirkx et al, J.Leuk.Biol. 2006


Tumor angiogenesis gene expression

Van Beijnum & Griffioen, Trends Mol. Med. 2006

Van Beijnum et al., BBA Cancer, 2005


Angiogenesis: potentials for intervention in disease

Griffioen & Molema, Pharm. Rev. 2000

News & events - The Angiogenesis Laboratory Amsterdam in the news (articles only in Dutch)


National newspaper, Dec. 3rd, 2015

Angiogenesis Laboratory researcher Dr. Patrycja Nowak-Sliwinska is awarded with an ERC starting grant


De Volkskrant, March 5th, 2015

PhD defense Andrea Weiss


Tracer VUMC, October, 2012

10 year lustrum of the Master Oncology programme at VUMC


VUMC, November 2010

AUV grants Spinoza chair to prof. dr. A.W. Griffioen


Medische Oncologie, March, 2007 


De Volkskrant, September 9th, 2006



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